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Gladiator Musik(preview) Gladiator Musik(preview)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

Sounds like you used fruity loops to make it, just wondering if im right.
Now to the gnitty:
Originality: Definately a different sounding tune, and ive seen youve gone for some other worldly sounds, which can sometimes be hard to use.
Diversity: Multiple melodies are whirring around this track which impressively fit together. Also your range of instruments is impressive. However, i would have liked to hear a shifting drumline, rather than the same all through as youve created such a varying piece.
Clarity: Need some upper end EQ to make this a bit more lively man. Try top end - near top end. Some of the smaller sounds you have are swallowed by this lack of EQ.
Effort: You did try hard with this. I can see that, because of all the variants. However its that lil bit at the end that shows real determination, i.e. fix the drumline.
Nice piece here though, liking the melodies alot.

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MattBlade responds:

Wow man u did a good job wit da review wonder wats up wit people not goin into depth about the song, hmmmmm lazy

Walking Away Walking Away

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wondering if i should even review this as you have a lot of unreplied reviews...
Finally a hip hop tune on the top 5, great work.
Truly fantastic melody and drumline which fit and compliment each other beautifully. Sounds like you used fruity loops to create this, if true well done, if not well done anyways.
Keep up the brilliance man.

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DjTeChniQue responds:

yes sir .. gimmie a change i am a workin man so i have time here and there but i will definitly take time to respond to all reviews + or - so . yes thxs for ur review .. and yes i used fruity loopz ..

man top 5 its kinda wierd .. im honored to be acknoledged finally by ng ;-)

Deep1 Deep1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Weeeeeeeellllll dunnn

I have to admit, when you said before that you'd be better by the end of November, i was a bit skeptical. Clearly you have. This is a very original piece that is consistent yet differenciating. Im loving them kicks man damn. And that snare is crisp like walkers bruv.
How to improve it? First thing in my head says just make it longer and structured.
Jus make sure it sounds good on high bass systems aswel as low quality headphones without flattening or Blowing the system and this is ready to be did and pressed.
If youre thinking bout letting someone use it, put me 1st in line!
Gwan wid dis. Peace.

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The-Orkestrator responds:

Ok well I'm always makin tracks with my edphones n I only use the subs for gettin the bass sounds right, I hardly eva listen to it all the way through on the sub.

At the end of tha day, I aint got 2 do shit lyk that for ng, cuz this trax at 2.50 and I no that theres about 13 ppl on this site that like this genre.

Basically tha only reez im on ere is to get constructive revs and I don't mean abwt tha bass tones n qual.

If u want to use this for ya mix tape, PM me n I'll c if I can get round to fixin this tune up, but I neva put full beats on ng.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Clean. Cut. Nice.

Really good and simple loop. Really does sound like background music though, but since that was your aim ill let it slide. Good job keep it up!

The Cleansing The Cleansing

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Ive never reviewed a heavy metal track on NG before, mainly sticking to hip hop, its good to be open to all music. Yes it is!

Originality - Pretty good, i do hear similarities to what ive heard before but thats obvious. It produces an interesting melody which many can follow

Diversity - Differentiation in instruments and rhythms, however, the drums can become slightly monotonous after a while.

Clarity - Ive always found it interesting how heavy metal is mixed, but this one was definately mixed correctly, even that great guitar solo is clearly audible.

Effort - I can tell you worked quite hard recording or matrixing this track due to all the different melodies and rhythms. Nice!

This track is awesome man! keep it up!

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Oooooooo what a great review. Thanks a lot man yeah it is really good to listen to a broad range of music. Thanks for taking the time to review I appreciate it a lot. I'll work on the drums some more to give them a more interesting sound. Once again thanks a lot I spent quite some time mixing this song so I'm glad to see it all payed off.

Once I'm finished eating my pizza I'll give a listen to some of your tunes.

In The End (Reeeeeemix) In The End (Reeeeeemix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


First thing dude let the fans who decide whats diamond?? lol
This is awesome. To put it simply. Seems youve gone for a lil crunk, hip hoppy style with this classic linkin park track. But lemmi break down my ratings anyways.

Originality - Taking this track, you could have easily sampled it. But no. Thats too easy. You successfully took that melody and turned it into a great hip hop tune. Congrats.

Diversity - Allllll sorts of (scuse my french) shit is goin on there and it sounds tight and clean. It also changes rhythm quite successfully from time to time. WELL DONE!!

Clarity - Everything is mixed and audible with royal clarity.

Effort - You REALLY worked on this man! You could sell this if you just tidied it up a centimetre, or not, stil sellable and great.

I gotz ta rap on this man, if you dont mind a Brit rapping on this hit me up at my alias or even my email: clintdominique@hotmail.com

Fury responds:

thanks man, yeah ill let the fans decide but if i were a fan of myself. (as in if i were in yours//someone else's shoes) id want it to be platinum-diamond lol
but oh well

thanks for the review its really in depth

yeah its not sampled, really easy piano part andi got a midi keyboard so yea lol

i had originally planned for something a LOT different than this for my exit but i figured, give them somethin else. so i made it diverse as you say and if you listen to my other stuff you can tell that i have broken away

not much bout the clarity except that it was rendered out of reason and then had to rerender in some other program so even tho its clear. it was clearer

effort - big time. if theres any song i put some time into its this one, i made sure that it would be different and that everything flowed with everything

thanks for the review again, and i myself know that its a good job lol
anyways you have my permission as long as i get credit of course but yea lol

peace guys


"In The Sky" "In The Sky"

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty cool :-)

Hmmm your friend did the vocal? Or was it an ejay sample? Eh? lol anyways lemmi break down my ratings

originality - The calm style is quite plentiful nowadays but this one seems slightly different as it has a much more relaxing aire about it.

Clarity - Everything is quite perfectly mixed and easily audible.

Diversity - Nothing to deffering in the track, though it does change rhythms during the track. I still hear the same things going on though, slightly becoming monotonous.

Effort - I do think you worked quite hard on this and produced something really good here. However it is stil possible to add some more instruments. Good work though man!!!Keep dis up!!!

Flip Flop Flip Flop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good mate

Okay first heres my problems with the beat relating to the scores.

Originality - i rarely give 10s for that as to do such a thing to me is to create a new music genre. It seems like youve gone for the "dangerdoom sampling" style of melody which you pulled off quite well indeed.

Diversity - Very unique here with this style. Only thing is could have used a couple brighter instruments such as vibes or bells to lighten it up a bit.

Clarity - Just that vibrating bassline! URGH! Thats the only thing that ruins the tune's clarity as it seems the bass somewhat muffles the melody.

Effort - No 10 simply because its a 1 type loop, whether it be verse or chorus im not too sure. But i can see you worked quite hard on this with the stereo snare, volume shifting shakers and i think thats flanging on the snare too? good work man!

vSmashv responds:

great review, i really appriciate it and yeah, i just kindda threw that bass on there cause im used to doing more electronic style basses, got some ideas of what to improve on, many thanks =)

jonesin' for a beer jonesin' for a beer

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Absolute shit

Just give it up

im back/Glock im back/Glock

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hu da flip sed u wer soft

gimme sum addresses
we'll sort dem out

stay sikk peace